The Strothman Advisory Services team is comprised of senior and experienced resources. We contract to results and consistently provide accountable execution to achieve superior results.

 Experience Says It All.

From the telephone to the smartphone, from the typewriter to iPads. We've been there, done that.

20% interest rates,  Crash of '87, Savings and Loan Crisis, Asian contagion, Internet bubble, housing bubble, Great Recession, Trump, Coronavirus, 0% interest rates. We've lived through these historic times, and worked with clients through them all.

Experience is a great teacher and a great resource. The world is an uncertain place and in these times more than ever, you need a steady hand at your side to help you navigate through and achieve your goals and objectives.


Matthew Saltzman

Managing Director

Matthew is a professional with more than 30 years of experience working in the capital markets with a majority of his career spent with major Wall Street firms. During his career, he has been a key strategic advisor to public and private entities, not for profit organizations, closely held family businesses, and Fortune 1000 Corporations. 

CWT_Headshot_02.10.17_Andrea Cannistraci

Andrea Cannistraci

Director of Marketing

Andrea is a seasoned strategist who helps entrepreneurs and business owners accomplish their goals. She has experience across multiple functions of marketing and has been remote for over five years. 

Nathan Headshot.jpg

Nathan Azzarito

Quantitative Analyst

Nathan extends client data through quantitative analytics to create more dynamic and meaningful models. He's always exploring new and exciting ways to harness big data for clients.

Michael P.jpg

Michael Phillips


Michael co-founded a national hospital management and development company to direct higher quality operations, development, and financing of existing and newly planned hospitals. He's experienced in capital markets and logistics as well


abigail meadows pic.jpg

Abigail Meadows


Abigail Meadows is an intern analyst. She graduated from the University of Louisville with a bachelors degree in mathematics and has returned to UofL to pursue an MSBA.

Linda Pic.jpeg

Linda Ruffenach

Project Manager

Linda partners with clients to design a strategic roadmap for the future, identifying and removing the roadblocks along the way. She helps them create their vision of the future and implements strategies to get everyone working in the same direction.