MBO, LBO, Generational Transition, ESOP, Partnership dissolution, and  non-competitive transactions are all forms of Facilitated Transactions. 

In these types of transactions both parties (seller and buyer) know each other. In most cases there is a mutual desire for a deal to occur. It is in the best interests of both parties that a mediated solution can be negotiated to provide a fair and equitable solution. 

In the case of Partnership Dissolution there is a strong need for an objective third party and professional to help facilitate the transaction before enterprise value is destroyed. Partnership dissolution may occur due to misalignment of partner goals, inability of business to support the partners, vision misalignment, and even death. This is an area that requires a multitude of skill sets and agility. SAS has specialized in these types of situations, is strong enough to control the situation and produced successful results. 

Facilitated transactions while seemingly easy on the surface are the most complex and complicated of all transactions and require more than the normal transactional advisor can provide. 

Facilitated Advisory