Transactional Advisory 
$1-10+ Million EBITDA

Sell Side



Transactions are complex, tricky, complicated, and sophisticated activities. There is no set playbook when the emotional meets the practical realities that are contained in every transaction. Businesses are living entities that have their own cultures, personalities, values, and limitations. We are focused on three types of transactions:


Sell Side Advisory 

Buy Side Advisory

Facilitated Transactions 


SAS is experienced in leading clients to maximize value in all forms and derivatives of these types of transactions. With our leadership, clients can often avoid the costly tax implications and deal-killing mistakes that inexperience or lack of familiarity can cause. 


Through our dedicated 11-step process that we have continuously refined since 2007 our clients have been able to achieve superior results in both valuation and structure. In short, we get deals done. We only work on exclusively retained assignments, are highly selective in who we choose to work with, and only take on three to four assignments annually due to the intensity and professionalism required to successfully execute our process.  

For the acquiring parties there is a need for strong due diligence, analysis of enterprise, and understanding. 


Capital Structuring & Sourcing